Motor Vehicle Finance And Car Loans

Motor Vehicle Finance

motor vehicle financeYou have chosen the car that you want to buy and now you need to think how best to finance it.  Let’s consider the best ways to get motor vehicle finance in Australia…

There are several options to finance your vehicle and it can be a little confusing to choose between them.  What’s best for you will depend upon your particular circumstances, so we highly recommend that you discuss your circumstances with your accountant before you make a decision.  In the section below we’ve summarised the options and explained which options tend to be suited to different needs.

Your Finance Options

Motor Vehicle Loan
If you use the car for personal use, even if only partly and you want to eventually own it. You can apply for a loan of anywhere upwards of $5000 and a term of between one and seven years.
Vehicle Asset Purchase
If you want to progressively own more of the car as you make payments.
Novated Lease
If you want to choose and pay off your company car, using salary sacrifice.  This may be a tax effective option for you because payments are made from pre-tax earnings. 
Finance Lease
If you are in business, travel a lot and want to upgrade the vehicle at the end of the term.  You can choose a residual amount so that you can structure repayments to suit your budget.
Chattel Mortgage
If you want to own the vehicle from the first repayment.  This option provides for claiming back the GST in the first year.

Should I get Finance from The Company that Sells Me the Car?

Lot’s of people see the car they want and consider the financing of the vehicle as secondary.  There are better ways to acquire your next motor vehicle.  By making the right choice for your situation, you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars.

So, before you make any commitments, get a free consultation with one of our experts because they have your best interests at heart and they know the business.

Why You Should Talk To Us First.

We make it easy and take the hassle out of finding the best motor vehicle finance solutions for you.  You’ll get a free consultation with an experienced broker who will do all the work to source the best deal possible – and make sure that you are presented with all the options and have a full understanding of each.

We save you time and money by making the application process simple and cut down on the time that you have to spend doing paperwork.   When you choose us, we will be available to you at any time, even once you have the money and your car.

Steps to Get Your Car Loan

Our consultants have detailed knowledge of all aspects of vehicle finance and the skills and experience to find you the best solution.

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