No Credit Check Catalogues – An Easy To Understand Guide

Most of us may lack the financial capacity to handle a one-time payment for purchasing new furniture or electronic items for our homes. You may be refused a furniture loan due to bad credit history. You need not be disappointed as there are no credit check catalogue shops to help us out. However we should know a few facts before venturing into such a scheme for goods and services.

Basically in a no credit check catalogue shop the client is allowed to buy items of  choice from those offered by the store without paying the full amount up-front. The stores offer goods and services on regular payment basis. This is mutually beneficial both to the client and to the shop owner. The repayment schedules are worked out on the basis of the purchased item and the monetary value of the purchase. Repayments are often spread over periods that are manageable.

Most of the no credit check catalogue shops do not insist on a strong credit history from their customers. They accept the present paying capacity of the customer. Since they do not conduct a credit check there is no need to submit supporting documents. All that they need to know is your present regular earnings which surely guarantee loan approval. Consequently the transaction is fast and you can take home your purchased item right away.

The high interest rates charged by the no credit check catalogue shops may be a slight disadvantage. However besides the other advantages listed above one more advantage is that you can improve upon your present credit scores by regular and prompt repayments. You will have to ensure that the company also reports on your accounts to the concerned credit bureaus. This will help you in establishing a strong credit history for yourself, which will certainly come in good stead for future credit transactions. You may also want to look into the UK loans online or the unsecured personal loans UK market.

Credit limits are fixed by the no credit check catalogue shops. Application or processing fees also added to the costs. This credit can be used only in the store that lends this credit to you. This means all purchases have to be made at this store only. It is in your financial interests that you must study the terms and conditions of the offer thoroughly, get clarifications for your doubts and only then commit yourself to this deal.

To put it in a nutshell, no credit check catalogues can provide access to household items even if they have a poor credit history and can be of great help in improving their overall credit rating.

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