Westpac Aims at Asset Finance Deal

October 24, 2013

In one of the biggest deals for many years, Westpac seems the most likely candidate to acquire Lloyds $6b asset finance book. Lloyds asset finance business consists of car, property and equipment leasing.  Major competitors in Australia include: Esanda finance, St George Bank and MacQuarie bank. Although the deal is not finalised, it seems most… Read More»

Equipment Leasing And Finance Results September 2013

October 24, 2013

Figures released by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association in the USA show some interesting statistics for equipment finance: Business volume was down 6% on September 2012, New business volume is up 20% on August 2013, and New business volume is up 6% compared to the same period in 2012. The Equipment and Finance Association… Read More»

Tips on Looking Up Online Vehicle Finance Options for Your New Car

July 28, 2013

Although there are countless organizations that offer car loans, as well as various vehicle finance opportunities suited both for those interested in cheap car loans and for people who want to buy or lease a vehicle, there is one place where all of them go in order to promote their very best offers: the internet.

Methods of Obtaining Small Business Loans and Capital Financing for Beginning Strategies

July 28, 2013

Getting small business loans approved may not be as easy as most company owners expect. While banks are a great source of capital financing, however, there are other methods you can consider when you want to obtain the money for supporting the cost of keeping your business running in future years.

Equipment Finance and the Many Benefits It Offers for Start-Up and Small Businesses

July 28, 2013

For medical facilities or companies dealing with buying or manufacturing high quality, expensive products, the idea of obtaining an advantageous equipment finance deal is one that’s definitely worth being considered. From the simple fact that it will help you meet your business’ equipment needs to other benefits, including that of easily planning for cash flow… Read More»

The Approach to Capital Finance in Australia and the Benefits of a Strategic Approach

July 28, 2013

Capital finance in Australia has become the subject of an exceeding number of talks throughout the world, as many businesses – based both in Australia and on other continents – have started realizing the remarkable money-making potential that local business finance solutions can provide.

How Easy Is It to Get Start Up Business Loans for Small Businesses?

July 28, 2013

Finding good sources for business loans has never been an easy task, especially for beginning, small companies that have not yet managed to build a very solid reputation. If you have a great start-up project, and you’re serious about getting a business loan, there’s really nothing to stand in your way to getting some pretty… Read More»

Interest Free Charge card Balance Exchange Or Debt consolidation loan Loan : Which is Better?

September 3, 2011

Small banks have been mostly overlooked by many buyers for banking services, credit cards and more, however that trend seems to be changing. These regional and local community banks tend to be gaining favor in the eye of many customers as people seek out much better terms and conditions, personal customer service and better banking… Read More»

What is a Catalog Credit-based Card?

September 3, 2011

A catalog credit card is an unsecured card for those people who have a extremely low FICO rating. This tends to be people who have had monetary trouble in the past, have filed for bankruptcy or have a history of not meeting their agreed upon payments. As with a standard card, this sort will provide you… Read More»

Debt Consolidation Program – a reduction for debtors

June 21, 2011

It is unfortunate for anyone to be in debt. But you can break out from this sort of situation. Debt normally occurs when a source of income suddenly stops and there is insufficient income left to pay the bills. As a way avoid additional debt is  to consolidate your debts. You might in finding that… Read More»

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